why? (not a post about the band)

“why does Eroticoffee Records need a website and a paypal and a donate button and all that shit and where are you actually planning to go with this yvette, like, fucking hell yvette, you created this label on a whim in a digital circuits lab and now you want people to give you money even though you have produced literally nothing so far. yvette, what’s going on”

Okay, so, Eroticoffee Records is just a way for me and some friends to promote and record our friends’ bands. We’re doing this (or at least I’m doing this) because we want more artists we like to actually have music out, and not just demos or bootlegs, like, actual releases. We don’t want to make money, I don’t want to charge people for recording (honestly the Parker Lee shirt I have is all I could want from them), I don’t want to take a portion of the money made off releases, I don’t want to make a profit from others’ work. And we can do that, we have the means to do that and we don’t actually need that much money. But to make things even better we do! If we had money we could buy nice DAWs and work on mixes more often, we could buy cool plugins, we could get physical releases of our artists’ albums (if they don’t want to do it themselves) and sell them to y’all for no more than what we paid!

We want you to have music and we want artists we like to produce music. That’s all.


-yvette ❤



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